International Network Observatory

for Global Strategy and Big Data

 International Network Observatory

Consortium of Academic and Non-Academic Partners on

Big Data, Global Strategy, and Ethics

Big Data Challenges

Society, Security, Innovation and Ethics

This book brings together an impressive range of academic and intelligence professional perspectives to interrogate the social, ethical and security upheavals in a world increasingly driven by data. Written in a clear and accessible style, it offers fresh insights to the deep reaching implications of Big Data for communication, privacy and organisational decision-making.

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Global Strategy

Governments and non-states actors increasingly have to take on global security responsibilities

In order to make considerate decisions, these actors need to develop global strategies. A “global strategy” is taken to mean a plan, which specifies global objectives and outlines the means that will be arrayed and the steps that will be taken to achieve these objectives.


Big Data Ethics Committee

Towards a Code of Conduct for Big Data Ethics

The Big Data Ethics Committee  advises researchers, the policy community and practitioners regarding pertinent questions concerning use and misuse of Big Data and the effect of Big Data on international affairs.  It is currently developing a professional code of conduct for Big Data Ethics.