International Network Observatory

for Global Strategy and Big Data

About I.N.O.

Innovation, Ethics, and Global Strategy


The International Network Observatory is an international applied research consortium bringing together the combined strengths of the Centre for Applied Research in Security Innovation (CASI) at Liverpool Hope University, the European Centre for Applied Research (ECFAR), Austria, Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG), at the University of Groningen, and the Austrian Institute for International Politics (OIIP). Its experts specialise in Global Strategy, Big Data, national security, intelligence studies, international law, ethics, economics, international finance, media and modern history. In addition to these foundational members, FACT (Foundation for Arts and Creative Technology) participates as strategic partner in the area of technology and applied arts. TIPE (The Initiative for Professional Ethics, Texas A&M, Qatar) contributes with its expertise in professional ethics in the domains of Big Data, technology and engineering.


The International Network Observatory promotes innovation in the use of Big Data for intelligence-led decision-making. We help partners achieve sustainable value from data through the development and promotion of approaches to data exploitation that balance organisation-wide innovation with organisation-wide ethics. By engaging with the Observatory, partners are more likely to experience:

  • Greater customer reassurance that Big Data usage is sensitive and appropriate
  • Better management of data-related corporate risks including risks to corporate image and market share
  • Enhanced capacity to develop systems, including early warning systems, for global strategy and public security

I.N.O. Experts

The  International Network Observatory encompasses experts from  academic and non-academic institutions covering fields like: Global strategy, Big Data, national security, international security, intelligence studies, international law, ethics, economics, international finance, media and modern history

Prof. dr. Michael Mulqueen

Director of CASI

Liverpool Hope University


Dr. Julian Richards

Senior Research Fellow CASI

University of Buckingham


Mr. Anno Bunnik, MA

PhD Fellow/Coordinator CASI

Liverpool Hope University


Mrs. Nina Witjes

Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS)

Technical University Munich

Research Group "Innovation, Society and Public Policy" (ISPP)​


Prof. dr. Andrej Zwitter

Director of ECFAR

University of Groningen


Dr. David Lundie

Lecturer CASI

Liverpool Hope University


Mr. Lawrence Kettle, MA

Associate Fellow

Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy


Prof. dr. Heinz Gärtner

Director of OIIP

University of Vienna


Prof. dr. Joost Herman

Director of GSG

University  of Groningen


Prof. dr. Hassan Bashir

Director of TIPE

Texas A&M University, Qatar hassan.bashir@qatar.tamu.edu







Ethics Informed Innovation

Big Data & Innovation are only sustainable if ethically informed.

Global Strategy Global Responsibility

Global strategic planning requires a change from real politik to ethical politics.

Big Data - Big Research

Big Data research possibilities are vast. Research ethics need to adapt to that.

Public Legitimacy and Consent

Big Data usage requires innovative approaches to secure public support.

New Technology New Threats

Adapting to data-related threats requires network of unfamiliar players.

I.N.O Affiliates

In order to become an affiliate of the International Network Observatory, you can sign up via bunnika@hope.ac.uk.